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Jewellery Repair Services

With decades of experience, our jeweller Salvatore is able to help you with almost any jewellery repair. Our on-site workshop allows us to offer value for money and efficiency and you can have peace of mind knowing your jewllery is in safe hands. We also offer non obligatory quots for all potential work.

Jewellery Repairs

We cater to all kinds of jewellery repair needs here at Italian Jewellery. Whether you have a stone that needs resetting, a pearl necklace that needs restringing, or a pendant you would like remounted as a ring for example, our team of jewellers are always on hand to help.

Alongside repairs, we offer a jewellery cleaning, refurbishment and polishing service, which will transform the appearance of your item. Signs of wear are quite natural for engagement or wedding rings, our re-rhodium plating will restore the finish of your platinum or white gold to make it beautiful and like new.

Jewellery Repair Services We Undertake

Ring Re-sizing

Our in-house workshop allows us to resize your rings on site and at a greatly reduced cost. So if you find your wedding ring is fitting a little too snugly or a precious family heirloom needs to be made smaller, we can help you out. You can either bring your item to us directly, or post it. Either way, when you collect your item it will be ready and fit to perfection, so that you can walk away happy, wearing your new purchase with pride.

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Ring Resizing

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